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September 15, 2010

Call to Order

President Dennis Riddlemoser called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Members in Attendance

Dennis Riddlemoser Cean Embrey Kate FitzPatrick
Ellen Hemm Lynn Larson Suzy Remmert
Carol Schmickrath Vicky Carroll

Old Business

Nominations Committee

  • According to the bylaws, we need to have three non –board members and one board member to served on a nomination committee and select nominees for open board positions for 2011. After the nominating committee identifies the nominees, the will hold an election for all members to vote.
  • Kay Shears agreed to be on the nominating committee and serve as head of the nominations committee
  • Carol will ask Evelyn Davis if she is interested in being on the committee
    We will need to find another person to serve on this committee.
  • A motion was made, seconded and approved to hold a membership election on November 13th at the annual membership party
  • Nominations will close for all board positions on October 16th
  • Ballots must be available by October 23rd

We currently have 15 Board positions and 3 Liaison positions, although many of them are not filled. A proposal was made to reduce the total voting positions on the Board from 18 to 15. This is done by eliminating the Membership Recognition team and combining the responsibilities of MR team with the Special Projects Team. In addition, the three Liaison positions (Eventing, Driving and Sport Horse Breeding) are removed combined into a Liaisons team of two. For insurance purposes the motion was made, seconded and approved to put the aforementioned proposal on the ballot. A second motion was made, seconded and passed to also put a proposal on ballot to combine the recognition team with the special projects team.

Education Team – Cean Embrey & Carol Schmickrath

  • The Dressage Simulator is scheduled to be at Oakhaven Farm Nov 13 - 16 and at Royal Equus Nov 16 - 21.
  • During the day and evening of Saturday Nov 20, the ADU educational program & potluck dinner with the Dressage Simulator has been approved for USDF University credit. More details to be announced.
  • Carol and Cean are working on getting ADU DVD nights approved for USDF University credit.

Financial Team

  • No report at this time

Show Team – Lori Snyder & Jenna Stern

  • Lori is working on a workshop for the 10th of October and a show in combination with Hy-Court Farms, which is scheduled on October 31st at Hy- Court Farms

Special Projects Team

  • Membership party November 13th at Oakhaven
  • Simulator demonstration begins at 5:00 pm with Carol as the first ride to set the mood for fun.
  • Silent Auction begins at 5:00 pm
  • Dinner starts at 6:00 pm
  • Awards starts at 7:30 pm
  • Silent Auction closes at 7:30 pm
  • Party ends by 9:00 pm $15 early registration
  • $20 at the door
  • Early registration closes November 1, 2010
  • Band -Vincent and friends $400
  • Carol and Susie made a motion to approve the price of the tickets for the event
  • The Dressage Simulator will be set up before and during the party so that people can experience the Simulator
  • Suggestion to have one person ride the simulator wrong then ride correctly to see the difference – Carol volunteered and will talk with the person who is bringing the simulator about this idea.
  • The Special Projects Team will recognize any member at the party who has received a USDF medal, a USDF University certificate, or any other USDF accomplishment during 2010. A suggestion was made to also recognize all judges, technical delegates and others officials who attend.
  • A suggestion was made to post a notice in email/web mentioning we want to recognize folks
  • Kate & Suzi will make the stock pins for the medal winners

Fundraising Team and Events

  • Silent Auction – Will need items for the silent auction and assistance with decorating and setting up tables
  • Karen Holmes will decorate the tables for the silent auction
  • Carol will ask Pam Floyd if she will decorate for the event
  • Vicky has agreed to print the bid sheets for the silent auction
  • Lauren – will provide the tax forms since purchasing the items for a charity can be considered as donation to a non-profit organization Slave auction – this was an idea to auction someone as a barn slave

Communication Team

  • No report at this time, but if folks want to submit P&P's, copy the communications P&P pages from the website into a regular word doc and fill in appropriately.
  • Lynn Larson suggested that we work via email to address all policies and procedures

Other Business

USDF convention

  • We are not sending a proxy
  • We are not sending a basket (need to have someone present and no-one is going.)

Next Meeting Date

October 12th at 6:30 pm at Poke e Jo’s BBQ

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