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ADU University - Pre-Approved Mentors
Perpetual list of qualifying past/present ADU members

Jenna Stern Arnold - 512-626-4445 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Martin Arnold - 512-626-4445 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Bill Askins - 830-438-7511 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Dinah Babcokc - 512-736-7919 ("S" Judge)
Jennifer Blank - 512-565-1233 (USDF Bronze Medalist)
Lorraine Britton – 512-327-0110 (USDF Bronze Medalist)
Christine Calao - 512-639-4953 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Lynne Cariker - 512-794-9202 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Vicky Carroll – 512-819-9877 (USDF Bronze Medalist)
Jill Cheever - 425-890-9572 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Jill Cowie Cloud– 512-746-2836 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Marlene Cotshott - 512-217-7785 (USDF Bronze Medalist)
Jeanne Dake – 512-775-2436 (USDF Gold Medalist)
Cean Embrey – 512-267-1774 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Kate Fitzpatrick – 512-759-2082 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Nancy Fair - 512-894-0272 (USDF Gold Medalist, L Graduate)
Cynthia Franchek – 713-320-1578 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Megan Georges - 512-484-5877 (USDF Gold Medalist)
Deborah Gordon - 512-732-7231 (USDF Gold Medalist)
Ashley Hammill - 210-492-6722 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Grace Harris – 512-699-6718 (L Graduate)
Avery Hogan - 512-786-4664 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Katherine Howard - 512-288-0767 (USDF Bronze Medalist, "r" Judge)
Richard Howard – 512-288-0767 (USDF Bronze Medalist, “r” Judge)
Susan Howard - 512-288-0767 (L Graduate, USEF Technical Delegate)
Katie Jackson - 512-213-6399 (USDF Bronze Medalist)
Marissa Kimberlin - 512-970-9079 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Marcia Kuenast - 512-905-5395 (USDF Bronze Medalist)
Daemie Laves - 512-870-5490 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Martha Deasy-Little - 850-212-0360 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Deirdre Malburg - 254-715-4081 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Sue Malone-Casey - 214-674-2765 (USDF Gold Medalist, "S" Judge)
Sue McCarty - 512-281-2964 (USDF Bronze Medalist)
Marie Morgan - 713-433-9817 (USDF Silver Medalist, L Graduate)
Amie Pala - 512-657-5386 (USDF Bronze Medalist)
Bobbie Paulk - 512-360-5113 (USDF Silver Medalist, "R" Judge)
Kassidy Peacock - 210-372-0761 (USDF Gold Medalist)
Barbie Piccinni – 512-282-6248 (USDF Gold Medalist, L Graduate)
Carol Riazzi – 512-330-9155 (USDF Bronze Medalist)
Dennis Riddlemoser - (USDF Bronze Medalist)
Judy Ritchie – 512-898-2827 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Diane Rochau - 337-842-4899 (L Graduate)
Susan Saylor - 979-865-0103 (USDF Gold Medalist)
Carol Schmickrath – 512-863-5005 (USDF Gold Medalist, L Graduate)
Lucy Sharp – 512-971-0358 (USDF Bronze Medalist)
Kyra Shine - 210-858-5462 (USDF Bronze Medalist)
Lori Snider – 512-231-9320 (USDF Silver Medalist, L Graduate)
Leanne Stacey – 512-658-5457 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Shirley Stewart - 254-855-9135 (USDF Bronze Medalist)
Lisa Tannehill – 201-572-7561 (USDF Silver Medalist, “r” Judge)
Valerie Wheeler – 512-266-0438 (USDF Silver Medalist)
Donna Wright – 817-295-0790 (USDF Gold Medalist, L Graduate)

Criteria to be an ADU University Mentor:
  • Be a member in good standing of Austin Dressage Unlimited.
  • Must have one of the following education or accomplishment designations:
    • USDF/USEF Judge
    • USDF/USEF Technical Delegate
    • USDF Certified Instructor
    • USDF L Program Graduate
    • USDF Bronze, Silver, or Gold Medalist.
  • Pledge to follow the ADU University guidelines and requirements.
  • Pledge to participate in continuing education for themselves throughout the year.
If a student wishes to nominate a person to be their mentor who is not already an ADU University volunteer mentor, they may submit their preferred mentor’s qualifications to the ADU Dean and Education Team for consideration.

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