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ADU Meeting Minutes 01/19/10

  • Insurance
    • Gary Rockwell
      • Current insurance will not expire until 2/22 so Rockwell event is covered under current policy.
      • $50-$100 charge for event
    • Purchasing insurance for Board members approved. Cost ~ $780 for income of less than $50,000
    • Insurance is charger per event
    • 2009 insurance costs ~ $900 for all events.
    • Carol to send estimated event list to Trish to get insurance cost estimated for 2010 (starting on 2/23)
    • Recommended paying for insurance on facilities that host ADU events
  • Gary Rockwell event
    • Insurance (see above)
    • Carol S. passed out a projected expense/revenue report
    • Suggestion on earmarking profits from event to a similar event in 2011. All agreed this was a good idea.
    • Attendees as of 1/19
      • 5 for USDF continuing education credit.
      • 2 auditors
      • 8 other expected but known as to CE or audit
    • Georgetown Library conf room reserved with pull down screen.
    • ADU will provide Coffee but no food.
    • Cafeteria available at library
    • Day one 90 minute lunch break. Local restaurants will be contacted to try and arrange discounts
    • Day two 45 minute lunch break. Order form for sandwiches will be passed out for Red Poppy Cafe
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Very good - need to add responsibilities
    • Team leaders divide up entire list to get everyone on a team
    • Jenna and Lori - Shows and workshops
  • Monthly audit of membership list
    • Robin/Kay to update Board monthly
    • Current list to be sent to event coordinators 3 days prior to event
    • Lynn to investigate publishing membership list on ADU website with controlled access requiring a password
  • ADU communications
    • Dennis expressed concern of too many communications getting sent out.
    • Lynn to send out weekly ADU e-mail on Mondays assuming a communication needs to be sent out.
    • Submission deadline Saturday for weekly e-mail
    • Dennis to develop spreadsheet combining multiple e-mail lists
    • Cean to provide e-mail lists
  • Request of return of membership dues from ADA
    • ADU provided own insurance
    • ADU did own fund raising
    • Only benefit received was ADA directory
    • Robin to send report to ADA
      • lifetime memberships
      • 5 year memberships
      • Do we want a portion of 1 year memberships back?
    • Send certified to ADA President with deadline. I think the deadline should be one week after their next Board meeting but we need to decide this definitively.
    • Side note, ADA fiscal year ends in September. ADU account was closed at that time. New Account opened in November.
  • Verification of e-mail addresses
    • Dennis (really this should be everyone) to report bad e-mail addresses as discovered.
    • Lynn to put form on Website to allow members to submit address changes.
    • Lynn/Dennis to contact Iliana about Jumla access control to securely publish member list on the web
  • Member drive
    • Gwen has list of members who have not rejoined in 2010
    • Gwen to contact members who have not signed up
    • Gwen to inquire on if members want to server on Board
  • ADU Logo merchandise
    • Use for gifts and fund raisers
    • Membership Recognition Team to use.
    • Visors, Pens, polo shirts
    • Pewter plates might also be used as gifts (no logo) (Board approved purchases)
    • Use as thank yous (less than $20)
    • Supplier
      • Check membership for anyone who might have such a business
      • local supplier if possible
      • online suppliers available
  • Need to solicit people to put on teams
  • Board meetings open to the membership
    • I think they need to RSVP so we can reserve enough room.
  • Elections
    • 13 ballots. Every ballot voted for existing members of the Board.
  • Young Horse Workshop
    • 30 attendees
    • 7 new members
    • 2 possible new members later
    • Use Young horse workshop as learning experience
      • Develop checklist for future events
      • Each team should develop P&Ps and recruit team members
  • List of events
    • Feb
      • Gary Rockwell
      • Workshop
    • March
      • Howard - Show duties
      • Stern - something illegible, anyone remember what she wants to do?
    • April - nothing due to shows every weekend
    • May
      • If horses could talk 14th-16th, offer support only, no sponsorship or endorsing
    • June
      • 6th Fair's symposium and High Tea
    • July
      • 3rd - something I cannot read
      • Practice show/workshop
      • Centered Riding
    • August
      • Centered Riding
    • September
      • Shows
    • October
      • Simulator - subsidize ADU members
    • November
      • 2nd Saturday - party - Amy Denny has offered use of her facility
  • Board voted to be included in simulator trip sometime in October
  • Cook book
    • 106 sold
    • in tack shop
    • $2 from every sale to go to favorite charity
  • Board meetings
    • Wednesdays agreed upon, will revisit as necessary
    • Next meeting on Wednesday March 3rd
  • Cean needs to purchase office supplies for Judges, Board approved.

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