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ADU Meeting Minutes 01/11/11

Agenda/Discussions and Voting

  • Introductions/welcome to new Board Members

    Eleven members in attendance: Dennis Riddlemoser, Trish Phelps, Suzy Remmert, Vicky Carroll, Carol Schmickrath, Kate Fitzpatrick, Ellen Hemm, Janet Stokes, Cean Embrey, Denay Lane, and Candice Costas.

  • By Laws
    • Discrepancy in appointing Board members. By Laws Article V, section 3 is in direct conflict with Article VII section 2 (See below). We need to decide which Article takes precedence. I think V 3 should be the correct one.

      Passed: The Elected Board Directors shall appoint no fewer than two (2) Team Leaders for each of the Teams of the Association: the Communications Team, the Education Team, the Show Team, the Membership Recognition Team, and the Special Projects Team. In addition, the Elected Board Directors shall appoint Liaisons from dressage-related disciplines such as eventing, sporthorse breeding, and driving. Each Liaison shall be voting members of the Board.

  • Results of Board appointees

    Carol Schmickrath as Education Team Leader
    Cean Embrey as Education Team Leader
    Lynn Larson as Web Master
    Ellen Hemm as Show Team Leader
    Suzy Remmert as Special Projects Team Leader
    Anna Beeson as Liaison (Eventing)
    Denay Lane as Secretary
    Position for Sport Horse Liaison remains VACANT

  • Unfilled Board positions

    Sport Horse Liaison ~ One Show Team member is unfilled. One Special Projects Team Leader is unfilled as well.

  • Education
    • Refund of Dressage Foundation Grant (retroactive vote) Passed
    • New Test Seminar Help is needed in setting up and disassembling
    • DVD/Dinner nights Discussed open dates; 2/26, 3/19
    • Workshops Discussed open dates; 3/26
    • other topics as needed N/A
  • Financial Team
    • Membership overview 62 Members to date (48 renewal, 14 new); members wrote down names of possible renewals with the intention to contact them
    • Member directory
    • Account balance, any outstanding debt and revenue Current balance: $11,673.67 with two outstanding debts (approx. $370.00)
    • Change of bank location (majority of board vote needed) Voted on City National (located in Taylor)
    • other topics as needed CEO and Treasurer to sign checks
  • Communications
    • Web Site updates
    • other topics as needed
  • Special Projects
    • Recognizing volunteers
      • Vicky Carrol, Carol Riazzi, Debbie Gordon, Barbara Vander Weele, Karen Holmes, Lauren, Kay Shears, Yvonne Becerra, Virginia Higginbotham, Evelyn, Natalie Katalenas, Julie B, Laurie Virkstis, Alice George, Avery Hogan, Christine Siems, Valerie Young, Pam Floyd, Suzy's Mom, Joe Frerich For these twenty listed above, we voted to give two $5 discount certificates towards a seminar or any ADU function; also suggested a minimum number of hours needed before granting certificate, i.e., 8 hours, etc. Certificates presented at the end of year to be used for following year. Team leaders will nominate. Nothing was voted on , moving forward and this will be on our next meeting agenda.
      • others?
  • Executive Team
    • Insurance Suggested that insurance needs to be renewed. We voted and approved the renewal as long as it comes in less than $900.00
    • other topics as needed
  • Other topics as needed Communications co-ordinate distribution of post bills for various locations, etc.
  • Decide time and place of next meeting Suggested next meeting to be held on 2/8; location TBA

Meeting adjourned.

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