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ADU BOT Meeting Minutes 12/11/09

ADU Board Meeting Minutes from 12/11 (Revision 3, final revision)
Meeting in attendance: Dennis, Gwen, Cean, Kate, Trish, Carol, Robin, Kay


Ballot and ByLaws

It was decided to use the existing ballot and email the ballot to members. Allow email submission or mail. Secret ballots will also be accepted if the outside of the envelope is signed. Kate FitzPatrick will handle collecting completed ballots. Dennis will mail to membership list from last year and this year to encourage voting and renewals. Results to be returned to Kate by Jan 15th either by e-mail, fax or postal mail.


The bank account balance is 4370.63. Suzy has approximately $1000 in funds not deposited yet. Robin will talk to Bill Eash to settle accounts with ADA. Suggested amounts to propose to ADA are $10 per ADU member refunded as well as total refunds all 5 year ADU members.

If the fiscal year end account balance ever exceeds that which is allowable for a 501(3)(c), excess used to benefit other GMOs educatoinal programs or possibly donate to another non profit such as a horse rescue group.


Insurance is $1500. This includes $775 to insure the Board of Directors of up to 15 members (the exact size of the ADU Board as defined in the ByLaws). It was decided that Board members should be insured which is consistent with USDF recommendations.

Overview of proposed education for the first part of 2010

  • January 17th - Joan Darnell Young Horse competitions, given by Joan Darnell at her farm. To include lecture, demo, DVDs, etc.
  • February 20-21 - given by Olympic judge, Gary Rockwell. Open for auditors education and USDF University credit as well.
  • March - Susan Howard, Preparing show volunteers
  • April - DVD night or workshop
  • May - DVD night or workshop
  • June - Development of the Seat followed by "High Tea"
Note April and May have a significant amount of shows so only small things are planned.
Lori will work on workshops and practice shows.

Continuing Education for Judges

  • HDS, ADA & DDC all have expressed an interest in supporting. ADA has approved a $250 grant to ADU for this program. Waiting to hear from the others. Possibly BACH as well.
  • Carol S. will apply for two grants
    • Dressage Foundation $400 (has to be paid back if there is a profit)
    • $500 from Region 9
  • Reservations 1st come 1st serve for attendees
  • Need to decide on admission price,
    • Proposed is
      • Auditers, $40 if preregistered, $50 otherwise
      • For credit, $80 if preregisterd, $90 otherwise
  • Proposed location Georgetown library
    • $50/day
    • Currently there is a conflict with another previously scheduled event but this may be resolved
    • Need a backup location
      • Kate to check with Round Rock library
      • Lori to check with Holiday in Garden
  • Marilyn Kullifay provided sample budget totaling $2500
    • Budget needs work to provide actual numbers


  • Cookbook printing costs to Capitol Rubber Stamp for 200 copies were $2814.50
    • Pre-printing fund raising earned approximately $1000 (fees for submissions of recipes and photos)
    • Approximately $2000 more has been earned already from the sales of about 75-80 Cookbooks.
    • So we have already paid for our costs of producing the cookbooks. The rest of the sales will be complete profits.
  • After Xmas, we will offer $2 of the sale of each cookbook to go to the charity of choice of the vendor who sells our cookbooks for us.
  • Use the ADU website to refer to vendors selling ADU cookbooks

Board Positions

(c) = confirmed
(p) = proposed (waiting for individual(s) to be contacted and accept)
(pr) = provisional until a vote
  • Executive
    • Gwen Carlson (pr)
    • Trish Phelps (pr)
    • Dennis Riddlemoser (pr)
  • Financial
    • Kay Skillern (c)
    • Robin Whittenbaugh (c)
  • Education
    • Cean Embrey (c)
    • Carol Schmickrath (c)
  • Communication
    • Anna Beeson (c)
    • Laurie Virkstis or Karen Kuester (p)
  • Member Recognition
    • Vicky Carrol (p)
    • Lynn Larson (p)
  • Shows
    • Lori Snider (c)
    • Jenna Stern or Grace Harris (p)
  • Special Projects
    • Kate FitzPatrick (c)
    • Suzy Remmert (p)

Miscellaneous discussion points

  • Anna Beeson cannot currently update the Web site, many changes pending. Changing the website have not been user friendly and have delayed new updates.
  • HDS made ADU a banner if needed they can ship otherwise they will maintain for championships. Estimated $12 for priority shipping.
  • ADU Member Directory made by Kay in 2009. Do again for 2010.
  • Team leaders to write policies and procedures for their team.
  • Proposed team members
    • Amy Denny for shows
    • Rebecca Z. for Special Projects
    • Pam Floyd for Special Projects
    • Kay Shears for Communications Team - Corresponding Secretary
  • 21 students already signed up for ADU-Univerisity including Dallas, Houston and San Antonio
  • Use of Yahoo Group "adu-board" as a primary communications vehicle. Dennis to help get everyone signed up.
  • Next Board Meeting in late January.
    • Central location
      • Ryans
      • Central Market
      • Papasidos
      • Cool River
    • On a Tuesday

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